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This is all I've ever wanted to do: write and create books. These are books about the things I love and the daydreams that don't go away, but instead turn into full blown obsessions. My first book, Kayak Fly Fishing: Everything you need to know to start catching fish, was published by Stackpole Books, but the rest are all direct from me, an indie author/publisher.


I create the books I want to create, as well and as often as I can, to connect with the readers who enjoy the same stories and passions as me. We should all do more of what we love, right?

#99 Excuses to Fish

A field guide to get more people fishing, every day.

Last Casts

(short stories about the ocean)

I'm the author of Kayak Fly Fishing, the former SEO Editor of Field & Stream and Outdoor Life magazines, and former web editor of Kayak Angler Magazine.


I've contributed to American Angler, The Fly Fish Journal, Bassin' Magazine, and Kayak Fish. My day job: I'm an SEO Strategist and marketing writer, often for brands, like Postfly, Wade Rod Co., and Pelican Reels. I've traveled the continent chasing fish from a kayak, sleeping out of my truck bed, building the type of inspired life that would sustain a long career of publishing books, magazines, field guides, and anything else my obsessions demand.

Not into eBooks or the Pre-Order Thing?

Everyone needs a little break from the world, a moment of escape, to spend time outside doing what we love.


I'm spending some time outside while the weather is nice, but a printed version of Last Casts (short stories about the ocean) will come out later this Fall––if the interest is there.


My goal is to release as many books, as well as I can, as often as I can.  

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