Congratulations, you found my secret spot. Treat it well, like a precious backcountry trout stream or private stretch of sand along the beach. 


This is where I test new passion projects––the weird, the wild, the powerful, and the exciting. 


I can’t promise every one of these passion projects will live on. I may decide to hide them away again. You never know. For now though, take what you want while I work on the next project.

–Ben Duchesney

This is all yours––enjoy it, but don’t tell your friends. 


Project cars are awesome, but they end up spending a lot of time on jack stands. These cars are great when they're finished, but...we'll see if that ever happens.  

Often friends hear common refrains, like, "It's gonna be great." They show off their epic rattle can skills and share their aspirations for a 500 horsepower dream car––that may never appear.


Even if all of these shirts become garage shirts––stained with oil and grime––I hope you like them.

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