Upcoming Event: An Evening at Cape Cod Sea Sports

When I first started fishing––not kayak fishing, just fishing, at all––I stopped by Sea Sports Cyclery & Outdoor (Cape Cod Sea Sports).

That's where I got to know the friend who first introduced me to kayaks. I helped him launch his boat, on the maiden voyage, and then immediately started looking for a fishing kayak of my own. I was also given a copy of Kayak Angler Magazine, my first job out of college and first foray into the world of fishing writers.

Jeffrey Craddock, the owner of Sea Sports, has always been gracious to me, from when I was harassing him with questions about kayak fishing at the start, all the way to today, hosting this event.

I'll be there on March 26th, at 5:30pm, answering questions about kayak fishing and talking about boats. Their new facility is a thing of beauty. I'll also being giving a 45-minute talk about my experiences on the water.

My talk answers a simple question: "Will I Flip?" Whenever someone starts kayak fishing, that's always the first question I hear. The second is, "Which boat should I buy," but I cover that as well, plus much more.

There will be more developments in the future, including potential partners to make the night a hit. Stay tuned.

If you're interested in coming, RSVP to the event on my Facebook page. Tell your kayak fishing friends too!

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