To Work On Your Balance | Excuse to Fish #353

Updated: Apr 23

If you want inspiration, look at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Instagram feed.

He talks a lot about staying grounded while traveling around the world and living this crazy schedule. He says that the first few hours of the day are spent in the gym, no matter where he is, so he stay balanced physically and mentally.

That makes sense to me.

I've been getting up at 5am every day for more than a month now and I feel more balanced every day. I'm not perfect. I sleep in sometimes, but those are the days I feel antsy, less motivated, or plain lazy. I just don't feel good.

Waking up and getting on the water helps me stay balanced.

Who doesn't need a little more calm and focus in their life?

Sleeping in is a waste of daylight. Do what you love––go fishing.

No excuses.

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