To Practice Grinding Through It | Excuse to Fish #16

The ability to grind it out, to keep going no matter what and get something done, might be the most underrated skill. It can make all the difference. Fishing is good practice. Sometimes the only way to catch fish is to grind it out, all day long, in tough or miserable conditions. Anybody can catch fish when the conditions are good, but it takes a certain skill to make something happen out of nothing. Dark times need people who can grind it out. Who have the patience and the hope to keep going no matter what, believing it will work out in the end. As they say, if it hasn't worked out yet, it isn't the end. It's time to put our heads down and grind it out for the next few decades to make sure we're creating the world that we want to live in, a world designed for the future––our futures––and not short term gains. Who's ready to start grinding with me?

Sleeping in is a waste of daylight. Do what you love––go fishing. No excuses. This blog post was originally sent as part of my new daily newsletter series, An Excuse to Fish. If you like excuses to go fishing, a new one delivered to your inbox every morning, sign up for the daily newsletter.

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