To Look Through Polarized Glasses | Excuse to Fish #733

I look at my life through polarized glasses.

The colors get a boost in saturation so they appear more vibrant. More contrast makes all of the edges of life a little sharper. The glare on the surface of the water is gone so I can see another world beneath the ocean.

Plus, everyone knows green-mirrored lenses are super fashionable. Right?


John Lennon can keep his rosy lenses. I want my glasses to be a little more practical. They're a tool. The world is a tough place, but I'm seeing it exactly how I liked to see it. I'm a forever optimist, a dreamer, a foolish fly fisherman.

I love it, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

If you want to see life with a little more color and light, put on a pair yourself.

Trust me, they look cool.


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