To Keep Your Streak Alive | Excuse to Fish #201

Sometimes it's fun to keep something going just for the sake of keeping it going a little longer. You've spent enough time doing it, to keep doing it. Take, for instance, The Can Wall. One evening, in college, my friends and I stacked soda cans onto a windowsill. Boredom for boredom's sake, we stacked can onto can until the entire waist-high-to-ceiling window was full of cans. I don't know why. They weren't beer cans, so it wasn't cool. There was no productive reason. We just stacked enough cans until we wanted to finish the wall. That wall stayed up for months. I've been on fishing trips that felt like they should never end. Not that we didn't want them to end. Some trips are spent begging for the end. Others, you're out there so long your body and mind accept it and you start thinking... "Maybe we should just stay out here forever." When's the last time you had a fishing hot-streak? They all start with one day. By day two, you're on fire.

Sleeping in is a waste of daylight. Do what you love––go fishing.

No excuses.

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