To Keep Things On An Even Keel | Excuse to Fish #678

We all need vices. Whatever vice keeps you pointing in the right direction, keeps your spirits up in dark times or helps you enjoy the good times even more, I'm all for them. You moderation and all that. I've been addicted to boats for a long time, and it's only a vice if you call it a vice. I call it a hobby and a passion. My bank account calls it a vice. A keel, for those who don't know, is a hull design feature common to many boats that keeps the boat tracking in a straight direction. It helps steer in rough conditions like chop or wind, and prevents the boat from spinning. A boat keeps me on an even keel. Especially lately, I've been needing more boats in my life to keep me going during these strange times. My vice. Whatever floats your boat, right?

Sleeping in is a waste of daylight. Do what you love––go fishing.

No excuses.

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