To Keep Going Even When You Can't | Excuse to Fish #951

Halfway through a 100-mile canoe trip, halfway down the trail between two lakes, with only half of our gear schlepped down the trail––even two trips weren't enough––we all wanted to give up and go home. Canoe trips force you to keep going. You have to keep going if you want to get out of the woods. No shortcuts. It's easier to look for a shortcut. Your mind does it automatically as you shift bags from one arm to the next, or split the load between trip partners as best as you can. No matter what you do, it's still too much gear for a canoe trip. That determination––or final surrender––helps to keep going in the real world. It reminds you that not all days are sunny Saturdays. Sometimes you have to portage a canoe through the mud.

Sleeping in is a waste of daylight. Do what you love––go fishing.

No excuses.

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