To Get Back in the Groove | Excuse to Fish #745

Time on the water makes me feel like a normal person again. The only way I'm going to get back in the groove, to start feeling like a normal human being and meaningful member of society again, is to fish. A little bit of suffering, just for the fun of it, is exactly what I need to break me out of my quarantine shell and get back to work. It's the only way I'll be productive, the only way I'll get anything done, and the only way I'll get used to wearing pants that aren't pajama pants. It'll probably take some getting used to, once we all start going outside in the real world again. It'll be good to get on the water and feel normal. At least from the time I launch my kayak, until I paddle back to the launch. For those few hours, it'll be like nothing surreal ever happened.

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