To Earn Another Campfire Story | Excuse to Fish #107

The best stories to tell by the campfire first need to be earned.

Some stories require no down payment. You had some fun once and your little story is well-received by the campfire, at least once, but not more than twice. After that, people get bored. That's not the case with the stories you earn.

If you had to put up some blood, sweat, and tears to live through the story you're telling, people will pay attention. They'll want to hear more details.

You may even get to tell it a few times, over a few different campfires.

If you've really suffered, you might get an eternal story out of it. One that gets repeated by your friends and family even if you're not around.

If you want to reach that legendary status, you need to get out there.

Even if the conditions are tough.

Especially if the conditions are tough.

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