To Build a Better Fire | Excuse to Fish #636

Last night, just after midnight, I noticed live coals in my backyard fireplace––a full seven hours after putting it out earlier that evening. That's some fire-building. It's really easy to nerd-out on fire: there are different assembling strategies––for example, a box structure vs. your classic (vastly inefficient) teepee method––and the ultimate goal is building a fire that is self-sustaining. I don't aim to build in the powers of Lazarus though. Spend some time outside tonight by the fire. Start by laying out a square with logs. Inside, place your kindling and a few twigs in one corner. Feed it and nurture it constantly. When it can walk by itself give it a few larger sticks. Pay close attention to it until the bed of coals beneath it glow hot. Finally: bank the fire with one thick log. That'll go on forever.

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