“There’s a Fish Under This Dock” | A Sticker

I need a sticker.

It's the angler's addiction, too many stickers.

The right size sticker would be two inches high by six inches wide, perfect to put on the side of an aluminum dock. At least, the docks I fish. Print it large: “There’s a Fish Under This Dock.” A red arrow would be a nice touch.

The sticker is for all of those docks you want to hit with your next cast, but don't. You hesitate, because of the owner staring down at you from their back porch. Do you make the cast? Do you still holler if you catch a fish, or do you release it quietly and then move on? Do you wave?

Dock owners, at least the anglers, can put this new sticker on their dock. "It’s cool, this dock is owned by a fisherman. Cast. There’s a fish under there."

I'd give it to all of the dock owners on my local rivers, ponds, and lakes.

Actually, I want one for my dock. I need to get a dock first. And a house near water...

How do I tell my wife that we're in the sticker business now?

A lot of stickers. Millions.

If you like stickers too, you can download a full-res sticker file here.

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