There Are Fish In Here –– A Manifesto

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

"There are fish in here," says every angler who looks at a body of water.

Even if they're driving down the highway beside a dirty river, their eyes scan the edges looking for structure and signs of fish.

They step into the water not knowing how long it will take them, how many lures or flies or tactics they'll need to actually hook up, or where the fish are actually hiding. They just assume that there are fish in there, and then work until they figure it out.

Think about that as a worldview. They assume the positive and accept any amount of work to make their desired outcome a reality. It's a practical optimism that is reinforced every single time they catch a fish, which––if they put in enough work––could be every single time.

That perspective is paired with proof in the wonder of the natural world. They see beauty all around them, smell all of these interesting smells, listen to the fauna on the bank or the water under their boat, taste the sweat or saltwater on their lips, and, when they're successful, touch alien creatures that feel like nothing else. You appreciate the world around you to its fullest potential.

You have everything you need, right there. In one morning of fishing, your soul is filled with hope, validation, and wonder. Why doesn't everyone fish?

The answer is the work. The patience that is required to actually keep tying on new lures, trying new spots, testing new tactics, and struggling through adverse conditions. Failing, again and again, until you make it work. That's the hard part, and many times I succumb like the rest of them. My bed is really warm. My wife is beautiful, hilarious, and smart––I'd like to spend time with her.

Fishing every day takes some serious determination. The more I fish, the more I love it, and the more I love life.

If everyone fished, even just once in a while, do you think our world would be a little happier?

Imagine a world filled with more anglers. Imagine our planet surviving longer, because everyone sees its beauty, magic, and abundance.

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