"Hmmm...If I fished, like a lot..." | Excuse to Fish #99

"I think I would fish for something that I would like to eat after. Hmmm... Definitely salmon, but in the ocean I would want to catch some haddock!" –A recent reply. Dear sir or madam, I'm so chuffed to hear that your piscatorial interests may sway you towards catching some for yourself. Delightful. For salmon––the favorite flesh of many a fine angler––try one of the local stocked ponds. The latest New Hampshire Fish Stocking Report can help you find one, in New Hampshire, for example. If you're more the adventurer, I say point your compass North; Alaska is the land for you. Ah, the Gadidae. Haddock, and those other cod fish relatives, are a fine fish, I do say. However, you may find that pursuit lacking. They are tasty, no doubt, but you have to hoof it pretty far to find them. I suggest a deep sea fishing tour, if you have the belly for it. May I suggest an alternative? Summer fluke. A nice flaky whitefish, beautiful under the broiler or rolled in breadcrumbs before deep frying, these are found inshore all around Cape Cod, and many places along the North Shore. Bounce a small jig paired with a white curly tail grub along sandy bottoms. Look for a small depression or trench in the bottom, or any little piece of structure to which the fish can relate. The fight is lacking in spirit, but my, are they tasty. Good luck in your pursuit, my fine friend. Update me on your progress. I always love to hear how other anglers are fairing out there on the seas. Tight lines...may they be so ever tight... ––Dutch // ...I've been inside much too long...

Sleeping in is a waste of daylight. Do what you love––go fishing.

No excuses.

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