Guides I Have Known – A New Blog Series

Last week I wrote a blog post called, There Are Fish In Here, laying out my thoughts on fishing. I think it could change the world if enough people fished.

I know fishing can be intimidating at the beginning. You don't know where to fish, you don't know what you need, you don't know what lure to throw––I get it. I think it's still worth it to try.

You also don't need to try on your own. There are fishing guides, all around the world, who are willing, waiting, and eager to help you. I'm not one of them, but I've fished with, and learned from, many throughout my career as a fishing writer.

That's why I'm starting Guides I Have Known, a new blog series highlighting all of the people who have helped me, both on the water and in life. They are the fishing guides, paddling guides, and communicators who changed my perspective for the better.

They are the reason I can do what I do every day. I'm also doing it because I think fishing guides are undervalued. If you spend one day with a guide, not only are you a better fisherman, but you're also a better person. You learn so much from their lifetime of knowledge.

One day with the right fishing guide, for the right person, could save a life or change the world.

That is so much more important than a simple Grip and Grin photo, you holding up a fish.

So hire a fishing guide. Support magazines like Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. Go fishing.

It may inspire you to live the life you want or to save our planet.

Stay tuned for the first post in the Guides I Have Known series, coming in the next few days. I can't wait for you to read it.

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