Find Some of that Big Fish Energy | Excuse to Fish #498

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

That's exactly what it feels like to catch a big fish: a pure shot of energy.

It's like energy from the Earth is converted into a fish that throws its weight around the river or lake. Catch it, grab a photo, and now you get to throw some of your weight around too, some of your own bravado, powered by the Earth.

Just don't overdo it.

We've all seen the angler who's caught their first big fish ever and suddenly think they've figured everything out. Their fishing jersey is covered in logos overnight. They actually start to think fishing jerseys are a good idea.

Whether you have the willpower to keep that big fish energy to yourself or not, get up and get out on the water to find some anyways.

It'll do your soul some good. Like recharging your batteries.

Sleeping in is a waste of daylight. Do what you love––go fishing.

No excuses.

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