Excuse #1000–A Fishier Year Than Last Year

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I plan to make 2020 my best year ever––so far.

Maybe it's because this is the year I turn 30. Maybe it's because I didn't fish enough in 2019. Maybe it's just a good goal to have every year.

If you get up and get on the water today, the first day of the year, it'll be easier to get up tomorrow. If you can get up tomorrow, that means you'll get up the next day. That momentum can carry you through the entire year.

Here's to the New Year. Here's to more time on the water, more adventures in the backcountry, and more memories with friends and family.

Here's to our best year so far.

Sleeping in is a waste of daylight. Do what you love––go fishing.

No excuses.

A new excuse to fish, every day...

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