How to Squeeze In More Time for Kayak Fly Fishing

Updated: Apr 23

There's never enough time to fish as much as you want.

I know it seems backwards to open that way in a blog post about finding more time to fish, but that's just a fact.

Still, there are ways you can squeeze in a little more fishing into your life, even if it's just for a cast here and there. I've learned to spend more time on the water, even though I've started working more than I ever have before.

Try out some of the tips below to see if you find yourself between the gunwales more often. If you find out how to fish as much as you want, leave a comment below and tell me how. I could use the help.

Learn more skills and tactics for catching fish from a kayak in my recent book, Kayak Fly Fishing: Everything You Need to Know to Start Catching Fish.

Take back those hours between 5pm and 9am

Working a 40-hour work week leaves little energy for heading out on the water. While you might not think there's enough time in the work week, all of those hours between quitting time and the first cup of coffee are perfect for a quick overnight trip within driving distance.

Load up your car with all of your gear before work, and once you get through the evening traffic, head for the mountains. There are probably campsites within a few hours driving distance that will leave you with a few hours of daylight left. Get up early the next day, pack up your campsite, and hit the water. Getting ready to leave before you fish means you'll be able to keep casting up to the last minute.

The before work fly fishing speed run

You don't need to have an epic overnight trip into the mountains to take advantage of those hours before you're due in the office. Instead of waking up minutes before you need to hit the road, wake up a few hours before dark and drive to the closest spot with fish.

Make sure to keep some hand sanitizer or baby wipes in the car to wipe off that fish funk before meeting with your boss. The best part of the pre-work trip is that no one else is crazy enough to hit the water, so you should have all of those fish to yourself.

Use your weekends to their fullest potential

The weekend is a precious time, and while most of us are spending those hours busy with yard work, the smart kayak fly anglers are on the water. Instead of watching tv after work, spend those hours doing the chores that you'd typically do on the weekend. Get your gear ready during the week so that you don't need to prep anything during the weekend.

Then once your weekends are free, you can plan a trip to take advantage of every minute. Leave work on Friday and head straight for the water. Weekends mean a little more traffic on the water, but with a whole weekend ahead of you there's the option to drive until you're all alone.

Spend more time doing what you love

While we all want to work the jobs that fulfill us just as much as fly fishing from a kayak can, those are few and far between. Instead of wasting your precious time after work, use those hours to your advantage and prepare yourself for more time on the water. It's hard work to have more fun, but once you get in the habit, it's all worth it.

Learn more skills and tactics for catching fish from a kayak in my recent book, Kayak Fly Fishing: Everything You Need to Know to Start Catching Fish.

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