Kayak Fly Fishing: My New Book

Updated: Apr 23

This is something that I've been waiting to announce for a long, long time. I mean since I was a little kid.

I've always wanted to be a writer, since before I could even spell, walking around my house as a kid with a pencil and notepad scribbling nonsense as I interviewed my family members. I'm sure they're happy that those scribbles have finally become coherent words, but I'm sure there even more excited that I've made a career out of my writing, putting a roof over my head and getting out from under theirs.

Which brings me to the announcement itself: My new book, Kayak Fly Fishing: Everything you need to know to start catching fish, is now available here. If you'd like to pick up a copy for yourself, you can do so by clicking below. I truly appreciate the support.

I'm lucky enough to call a lot of great, highly-skilled fly anglers and kayak anglers friends, many of which live all across the country. I've tapped the help of many of them in this book, gathering their knowledge and borrowing their secrets so I can share them with you. If you've ever been curious about kayak fishing, fly fishing, or a mix of both, then I will gladly offer you a shameless plug and recommend my new book.

Of the many anglers included in this book, you may know some of the names already, like Pat Cohen, Chris LeMessurier, Juan Veruete, Drew Haerer, Brian Cadoret, Casey Brunning, and Conway Bowman. I couldn't have done it without the help of these anglers and for that I'm forever grateful. I think you'll be just as grateful once you start using their tips and can catch fish from a kayak.

Just be warned, once you start catching fish on a fly rod from your kayak, canoe or standup paddleboard, you'll be forever hooked. There's no turning back, no matter how hard you try. It's a great way to spend a day, a weekend or, yes, a whole week. So even though you won't be able to stop, you're sure to have a great time doing it.

Check out my new book, Kayak Fly Fishing: Everything you need to know to start catching fish, is now available. Even after years of hard work putting this together and waiting for its release, what I'm most excited about is to hear what you think...and that you catch some fish.

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