"Last Casts"

A new short story collection, coming soon.

"This is a digital ebook, how am I supposed to throw it in the water and catch a fish with it?"

––That guy eyeballing my fishing spot

"There are books and there are books. This is not a book. It is a short story collection."


––Captain Obvious

"Should have written this yesterday."


––Every fishing guide

"Wonderful. Simply astounding. The author's grasp on existentialism, his dexterous tongue, plus his witty humor––this book is like catnip. I simply can't get enough of these stories."


––The author's cat

"Last Casts" (short stories about the ocean)

Spend a care-free weekend on The Point, a small island off the New England coast.


Last Casts (short stories about the ocean), is a condensation of the good vibes, sunshine, strong breezes and powerful tides that can shape a worldview.


A long time ago, I decided to live my life a certain way. I've been lucky enough to follow my passions on the water, writing for niche publications that are driven by passion. These three pieces of short fiction are designed to act as polarized lenses, filtering out the harmful rays of the reality for a little while.  

Whether you're a local, a tourist, a day-tripper, or a dirtbag, everyone should experience the high of standing waist-deep in a strong tide, staring out into the ocean. We all need that calm. Summertime is almost here, and this book is meant to be enjoyed on a sunny porch late in the afternoon. Pair it with a frosty beverage from the cooler after a long day of wishing you were on the water.

eBook Pre-Order:   $6    $3


(eBook release expected this summer)

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