Kayak Fly Fishing: Everything  you need to know to start catching fish. 

What boat should you buy? Does paddle type matter? How likely is it that you'll flip into the water?

Imagine if kayak fishing guides from around the country, expert anglers, paddlers, fly tiers, and instructors, teamed up to answer all of your questions. This book does exactly that.

Learn to target fish in large lakes, fast rivers, skinny inshore flats, and even deep offshore. With a kayak, you can fish anywhere. With this book, you'll know what to do once you get there.




The boat you need, the tips & tactics that catch

More Fish,

and other expert advice from pro kayak guides.

Find fish where you fish.

A boat built for eddy hopping on swift rivers won't cut it while you're sight fishing on the saltwater flats. If you want to fish the Great Lakes, you need a boat that can go the distance.


Where you fish changes how you fish. Learn the reasons behind kayak type, fishing style, and even fly choice, from pro kayak anglers, based on their favorite fishery. Leverage their on the water experience to start catching fish faster–even if you're just starting out.


  • Pat Cohen, New York

  • Chris LeMessurier, Michigan

  • Juan Veruete, Pennsylvania

  • Drew Haerer, Massachusetts

  • Brian Cadoret, Vermont

  • Casey Brunning, Louisiana

  • Conway Bowman, California

"Duchesney has solidly bridged a gap between two of the fastest-growing facets of our sport: fly fishing and kayak fishing...Between Duchesney's own experience and that of the experts he tapped for this invaluable resource, consider this the Bible on the topic."

–Joe Cermele 


"I used to watch fish that were just out of casting range, and dream of paddling out there in a kayak. I've never looked back."


–Ben Duchesney

Ben is the author of Kayak Fly Fishing, the former SEO Editor of Field & Stream and Outdoor Life magazines, and former web editor of Kayak Angler Magazine.


He has contributed to American Angler, The Fly Fish Journal, Bassin' Magazine, and Kayak Fish; is an SEO Strategist and marketing writer for businesses and brands, like Postfly, Wade Rod Co., and Pelican Reels; and has traveled the continent chasing fish from a kayak.

Stay safe on the water.

Kayak fishing instructors focus their lessons around keeping paddlers safe on the water, which also means dry. The more you know about paddling, the less likely you are to flip over. 


The right paddle strokes also help you get to the fish faster. Once you understand proper paddling technique and position yourself for better balance, you can focus on catching fish.

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