What gets you out of bed?

I want to fish more, but sometimes my bed sucks me in.


The right excuse helps, and sometimes that's all it takes. Then I have to go.


An Excuse to Fish is a new daily newsletter​ designed to get more people on the water––every day. It shows up bright and early, at 5am, every morning, so you have a reason to wake up, string up a rod, and go fishing. 

Why 5am? 

Every time I wake up with the sun, my day feels huge.


I always feel happier, I get more accomplished, and I feel more satisfied when I lay my head back down at night. It's also the perfect time to get up and head to the river, the lake, or the ocean––check the tides first though. 

Who am I? 

I'm the author of the book, Kayak Fly Fishing: Everything you need to know to catch fish. I've also been on the editorial staff of both Field & Stream and Outdoor Life; I'm the former web editor of Kayak Angler Magazine; and I've written for other titles such as Kayak Fish, The Fly Fish Journal, and Bassin' Magazine.


I've fished across North America, sleeping in my truck bed, learning from the best anglers in the sport. I love to fish. 

A new excuse to fish, every day...

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An Excuse to Fish

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