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From Name: Ben Duchesney | Author of Kayak Fly Fishing

Why would you ever fly fish in kayak?


If you're anything like me, you hear that question a lot.


I started when I was still in high school, when I couldn't afford a "real" boat, but saw fish blitzing just beyond the range of my cast. I needed to get out there.


Immediately, I fell in love with fly fishing from a kayak, and with paddling itself. Ever since, all I've wanted is a life spent on the water, or out in the woods.


I still want to know: what gets you out on the water?


Is kayak fly fishing something new for you? Have you been fishing for a long time? Are you obsessed with a certain species? Have you fallen in love with a fishery that keeps pulling you back?


Send me an email, let me know what you're fishing for, or what new skill you're trying to learn. All you need to do is hit reply on this email to connect with me.


If you ask a question, I'll try to give you an answer. If the topic is more complicated, I'll write a post about the topic on my blog.


If you don't know where to start, you might find a question while reading my blog, available at the button below:

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