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Works for your Business

Most online businesses and brands know that they need content. Some even make content––a lot of content.


Now what?


Is that massive pile of traffic doing anything for your traffic or your business objectives? Have you tied it to revenue and outlined how much each investment in a new content channel adds to the health of your business? 


Editorial SEO helps pull together your whole digital footprint on the internet and connects all the dots. 


When you know what’s happening with your content then you know what to make next and how much of your resources are worth investing. Without editorial SEO, your business is flying blind.

What is Editorial SEO? 

Editorial Search Engine Optimization (SEO) transforms the content you already have into a well-oiled traffic and conversion machine. It takes all of the content you’ve poured into your business website, blog, or YouTube channel––a stockpile of content wealth––and gives it an edit.


It’s time to rework the content that's falling behind and make sure it’s adding to your business. Blend audience data and story to design content, or even new products, that your audience actually needs, right now. 


Polish every pixel until your online content converts real traffic into real revenue. 

My Search Engine Optimization Philosophy


You don’t need to book a free consultation with me to find out my philosophy on search engine optimization and digital content. 


Here’s my philosophy:


The more value you invest into your customers, the more they give back. Investing in the content that they need, want, and love, helps them make the choice to invest in your business or brand. 


Your job with content marketing is to solve your customer’s biggest important question right away. They’re searching for the most valuable content that answers their question, addresses their concerns, or a product offer that solves a specific problem.


SEO has turned into a search intent check. What do they want from your website, your content and business? Give it to them, and they’ll stick around to see what your business is doing. 

How Can I Help Your Brand or Business Grow?


What are your goals this year? 


Given the choice, I’d rather work closely on the projects you’re already working to achieve and design an editorial SEO strategy that adds something to the equation. This also helps measure and track return-on-investment.  


Without a specific goal, editorial SEO can still help build a foundation for your brand and business to grow. It helps to connect the dots on all of your business activities. Once you start driving more traffic to your website, or start working on your next project, the right foundation will help convert that new traffic.


Here’s a good place to start: 


  1. Technical SEO Health Check

  2. Goal-Specific Content

  3. Long-Term SEO Best Practices 


Technical SEO Health Check 


Let’s make sure each pixel representing your business online meets SEO best practices. Is your sitemap, metadata, title tags, and on-page setting working to drive traffic and new customers? 


We’ll find out and work to set a foundation that builds your long-tail traffic and converts that traffic into real business revenue. 

Goal-Specific Content  


Once the foundation is right, then we’ll work on a content strategy. What content do you enjoy creating? What kind of content is your audience saying they need––and crave? What don’t you want to do?


You don’t need to do it all. That would be a waste of time when you’re trying to run a business. It’s also unrealistic to think you’d enjoy making every type of content. The good news is that if you enjoy making certain types of content, those will be easier to create, will be easier to create more often, and will perform better in the long run.  


The right content drives customers to your business objectives from across the internet, in the long term. 

Long-Term SEO Success  


You have the right foundation. You have the right content. Now all you need to do is keep it going. 


It’s easier to keep your website optimized with just a little bit of effort more often. Let’s make sure you’re set up with the latest free tools, analytics dashboards, and an SEO best practices cheat sheet to make the right choices on your own. 


Editorial SEO can be easy, once you understand what you need to do and how to do it by yourself. Even a little effort and time can have a big impact on your organic website traffic and website conversion. 


Ready to get started with editorial SEO? Let’s connect to grow your brand or business.

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