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There Are Fish in Here

Sometimes life can be really simple.

I find when I'm living the life that I want, the one I dreamt of as a kid, it's when it's as simple as possible. Fish, work, time with my wife––repeat.

It's when I slack off, sleep in, let little tasks slide, that's when I feel busier than ever. The tide of anxiety starts to turn on me and life starts to overwhelm.

That's when I need to fish.

There are fish in the river near my house. When I get up early and fish, I feel better for the rest of the day. I feel better for the next week.

Sometimes it's that simple.

To Catch an Absolute Monster

When I say monster, I don't mean, "Oh, that's a really big fish."

I'm talking about catching something that makes you say, "Holy $&#@*## @#$@ that's a monster," while also thinking you might lose a finger while releasing the fish if you're not careful. A real monster.

I recently found out that northern pike swim in the river near my house. Now I'm ruined. I can't think of anything else.

Now once the warmer weather hits I'll be out there 24/7 trying to catch a fish that almost scares me to hold it up.

You have to hold it up for a photo.

...to scare other people.

Live Up to Your Fishing Stickers

How many stickers are on your truck or car?

It's the one thing all fishermen, especially fly fishermen, obsess about.

Stickers reflect our level of hype.

If you have more than five stickers, you should fish more. Regardless of how many days you're on the water now, you should fish more.

How do you fish more? Get up and get out there, no matter the conditions.

To Hit the Afternoon Bite

You can't always get up on time and hit the water when you want.

Sometimes your phone dies and you can't set an alarm. Sometimes you're a little hungover. Sometimes you've been going through some things.

It's all good...I tell myself as I send this newsletter late in the day.

Mornings are the time to hit the water, but if an afternoon is all you get, so be it. Tie on a white or green pumpkinseed curlytail grub and fish it slow. You could also add a piece of split shot to your leader to get it down deeper.

Sometimes fish sleep in too.

Go find the lazy ones.

To Take Someone Else Fishing

It's the best way to spread a love for fishing.

Make sure to choose a fishery that's kind to newbies, like sunfish, crappie, bass that don't see a ton of pressure. Something they can catch the first time.

Bring snacks, throw some extra water in the boat, bring all the gear they need to have a good time, stay warm and dry, and stay safe. Pamper them. The goal is to show them such a good time that they want to come back again.

That's when they can get a taste of what fishing is really like, a struggle.

This time though, just let them enjoy it.

To Hit the Reset Button

Every time you hit the water all of your progress is erased.

You might know the fishery well, you might know what lure works most of the time, but there are no guarantees. Every time you fish you start fresh.

Time outside is also a good chance to hit the reset button on your own mindset. Especially me, I get carried away with my daydreams, plotting like a mad scientist, ready to do everything in (and out) of my power to hit the goal.

That wears me out. It's probably not great for the people around me either.

So I fish. I spend some time, by myself, looking for a fish that will bite.

A hard paddle against the current does me some good.

Because You Don't Need an Excuse

"I don't need an excuse to fish...just waking up is my excuse to fish."
–A comment on Facebook

In an ideal world, we'd always wake up at 5am, get on the water, and start our day by catching a few fish. The reality is, life gets in the way.

There are so many excuses not to fish. Sleep, family, work, (did I mention sleep?)––the list is long. That's why, sometimes, I need an excuse to fish. Without a little reminder, I can get swept up in current of a typical day.

For those, like me, who need a little push, just a quick pause before stepping into the river on a cold winter morning, here is your excuse.

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