Fish. No matter what.


"The fish are out there, and you need to get to them. You could stay inside where it's warm. You could wait until the conditions are right. You could sleep in. You could wait until it's easy.

Or, you could catch fish.

Some don't understand why we fish from a kayak, why we choose a fly rod, or why we tie flies with thread that breaks halfway through tying–every time.


We do it, because it works. We fish, because we love it. We're out there, because the fish are out there."


–Ben Duchesney

Author of Kayak Fly Fishing


Only satisfied when he's creating, Ben started his career as web editor of Kayak Angler Magazine, and has contributed to American Angler, The Fly Fish Journal, Bassin' Magazine, and Kayak Fish.


He's currently the SEO Editor at Field & Stream and Outdoor Life, and a freelance content marketer.


The author of Kayak Fly Fishing, Ben is currently at work on his next book.


Passion. That's what Ben looks for when partnering with a brand.  Passion from the team, from the customers, and in the stories that need to be told.

Copy, photographs, video, social content–the best projects require it all. It's what customers everywhere are searching for right now.

"Pretty early on, when I was still a kid, I decided the best life was one spent outside, doing what I loved. Ever since, I've been lucky enough to work with brands that let me follow through on that goal.


I'd love to hear how you spend your time outside, and what passion keeps you daydreaming like a kid."

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